Here are some of the things that I use on a daily or weekly basis. I have partnerships with some (as noted), but I share these because I love them! Please let me know if you have any questions – or want to know my experience with them. 



Arbonne has some amazing plant based products for nutrition and skin care. I am currently using the Feel Fit Protein Shake. It is the best tasting plant based shake I have found. I am an Arbonne Consultant - but only because I love the product so much. Try it for yourself!


75 vitamins, minerals and whole sourced nutrients in one convienient daily serving. One scoop and 8 oz of water. It is all you really need - really!


Magic Mushrooms - seriously - turns out those mushrooms—Chaga—are a powerful, immune-supporting Four Sigmatic food. The peeps at Four Sigmatic searched for more exhaustively-studied, practically-magic Four Sigmatic ingredients to add to our daily go-tos. Guess what? Organic coffee plus Chaga is chaga-bly delicious and remarkably good at balancing caffeine. Goodbye, jitters and sugar highs!


This is the absolute best pre and probiotic that I have found. Well researched and proven effective. It is a broad spectrum probiotic + prebiotic formulated for systematic health and engineered to survive acid, enzymes, moisture and heat.


I use my blender EVERY day - and yes, I do ENJOY it every day! There are other blenders on the market - but I swear by my Vitamix for smoothies, soups, nut butters and so much more.