About Us


: to shine by reflection with many small flashes of brilliant light

: to shine with strong emotion


Glitter is my word for 2024. I want to sprinkle joy like glitter - everywhere. I want to sprinkle joy all over you as you build new habits around pauses.pushups.plants. I want to help you shine and emit flashes of brilliant light along your journey.

Are you ready for some fun? Let's work together on your wellness goals in 2024 and sprinkle joy all over the place.



With a masters degrees in Education and Kinesiology, numerous certifications and 50 years of having fun I am ready to support your wellness journey. I want to be with you as you make good fitness and nutrition choices, whether that be virtual habit coaching, meditation coaching, personal training or nutrition coaching or wellness chats at your organization. I promise to leave a smile on your face as you progress toward your goals. 


Leave a message for me and let me know how I can be of service.


pauses. pushups. plants.

Enjoy every day!